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L'équipe de Tovi Sorga brand is passionately committed to environmental sustainability. We select choice leathers that are recycled as a waste product of the food industry and only work with trusted and certified British and European suppliers who meet strict European standards of animal and worker welfare.

Wherever possible our packaging - from luxurious embossed box to mailing bag - is recycled, biodegradable and sourced from local British manufacturers. Our tech cases employ state of the art micro-suction technology to make them 90% biodegradable, and in all our processes we strive to eliminate waste and toxicity so that in generations to come our products will return to nature as kindly as they emerged from it.

At Tovi Sorga, we are proud supporters of our neighbours, the wonderful Bristol Children's Scrapstore. All our spare leather scraps are donated to this creative charity to be transformed into craft projects by the local community.


Traditional leather craft in England championed by designer Tovi Sorga


"Buy less, choose well, make it last."

Oui, Vivienne Westwood!